Yahusha loves you!

Out numbered!

I went for a walk when a man wearing white and a black tie got out of a car to talk to me.  I answered his questions and let him think that he had the upper hand on me.

I asked him if he read the Bible. He said he read the Bible and the book of morman.  I told him in Revelation it says do not add or subtract from the Bible. His counter part got out of the car to support him.

It was too late!  They were out numbered!  YHWH was on my side, led me to set them straight and witness to them.

I warned them “Do you know who you are talking to?”  They said a child of God. I said not just a child of YHWH, but a mighty man of YHWH!  They said “Where do you get authority?  I said “My authority comes from the Almighty God YHWH!”  Then I prayed YHWH would open their eyes that they may be saved and then I departed.

Praise YHWH!


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